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Edmonton got its first major snowfall this week. West Edmonton Mallhas hung their decorations. The red cups at Starbuck’s have made a comeback. It’s only November but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For many of us it’s a time to slowly prepare the home for the holidays, but some of you have recently closed the deal on a newEdmonton property. Our Edmonton real estate team has served many households late in the year in finding a new family home and many look at it as a great way to kick off the holiday season. What could be better than unwrapping a new home for the holidays?

The challenge however, is if you find yourself moving into this new home in the middle of December. It can be tricky to do so while still enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer. This is of course a major consideration when there are kids (or kids at heart) involved.

As Edmonton realtors with strong ties to the community we are experienced in helping new homeowners work through all sorts of obstacles to ensure that there is little disruption to their lifestyle and we certainly recognize the importance of the holiday season for many. Thus we are providing a few tips about how you can smooth the transition of entering a new home with your family during the holiday season while keeping thehumbug away:

1. Shopping for Presents

Attempting to shop for presents while in the middle of moving into a new home can be a challenge. Buying presents before the move-in day only adds to the load of items you have to pack and unpack. Presents can also be damaged during the moving day shuffle and they are also further exposed to the prying eyes of impatient peekers that can’t wait until Christmas morning to see what their getting. If the family’s wish list isn’t packed full of hard to find presents then save the purchases until after you’ve moved in. For the rest, if possible keep the presents at your place of work. Large gift items like TVs, recreational gear (bikes, skis, etc…) and big toys can often be held post-purchase at the retailer until a predetermined pick-up date.

2. Smart Festive Feasting

If you’re moving into your new home a week or two before Christmas the prospect of having to prepare baking and Christmas eve/day meals is daunting. Instead of baking grandma’s famous Lebkuchen orChriststollen recipe take a break this year and head to your local bakery. Order-in Christmas dinner or take the family out for festive dining. Another alternative of course would to be to drop hints to friends or outside family that may be interested in playing host at their home for a change at which point all you have to do is show up with a traditional bottle of Glühwein.

3. Deck the Halls – Efficiently

Don’t rob the family of the holiday decorating experience even if you are in a new home stacked full of unpacked boxes. Simply bypass the intricate and ornate decor work and opt to decorate with fewer but bigger pieces this year. Buy Christmas curtains, festive throw rugs, and holiday themed wall murals to create that all-encompassing aura of Christmas just the same. Forgo the real pine this year and nab a fully decorated, pre-lit artificial tree that can be unsheathed and propped up with no effort.

4. Holiday Hearth

Our Edmonton real estate team will have taken care of this during inspection but in case you bought a new home with a fireplace on your own be sure that it is well swept and fully operational so that you and the family can immediately enjoy a heated hearth in the background while you set up residence in your new home.

Don’t feel left out this coming holiday season if you just bought a family home next to them
Don’t feel left out this coming holiday season if you just bought a family home next to them

5. Neighborhood Holiday Introductions

Be proactive in getting to know your new neighbors. Send holiday cards out to them, before you move into your new home. It’s a great introductory gesture and will put you in the good graces with the neighborhood. By laying the foundation before you move in, your family may end up being invited to holiday parties next door or around the block. Nothing breeds holiday cheer better than sharing in holiday festivities with your community.

6. Holiday Affairs in Your New Area

Every area has its schedule of traditional holiday affairs. Check online and see which Edmonton area Christmas activities are conveniently near your new home and make plans for the family to take a break from unpacking and attend any that appeal to you.

Buying and moving into a new home is a special time for the family and the feeling can be enhanced during the holiday season if planned right. Don’t let the Scrooge bug get you no matter how hectic the process may feel. Our Edmonton real estate team is here for you every step of the way, no matter the season. Contact Edmonton Properties today to discuss buying or selling a home, perhaps over a shared cup of that Glühwein we mentioned before.

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