Where Art Thou Hamlet?

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Hamlet is not just a famous play by Shakespeare.  By definition, a hamlet is in fact a small settlement in a rural area that is too small to be considered a town or a village. In a poetic sense they are utterly charming in demeanor and are often used as the background setting for both literary and film folklore. Within them holds a residential gathering that includes a community that knows one another by name. Hamlets are places you want your children to grow up in, where you want to grow old, where you want to call home.

Within this hamlet, there is a home for you and your family.
Within this hamlet, there is a home for you and your family.

So what does all of this talk about hamlets have to do with our Edmonton Real Estate blog? Well, the Edmonton area is home to the largest hamlet in the world. At least that’s what a little book called the Guinness Book of World Records tells us. In particular, this hamlet is known as Sherwood Park. Even the name incites visions of a 1300’s English countryside. Sherwood Park does shirk the image of a traditional hamlet somewhat in that its population tips the scales just above 60,000 but even with a residential count justifying it being considered a city, its technical status remains that of a hamlet, and the community within is happier for it.

Our Edmonton Real Estate team is often asked by people from all over Canada and the U.S. about buying a home in Sherwood Park. Word has gotten around about its strong self-sufficient economy, pleasant municipality and practically non-existent crime rate – Robin Hood and his Merry Men have no need to venture into this Sherwood. In addition, Sherwood Park is home to great schools, quaint shops, charming cafes, and an entertainment complex aptly named Festival Place where singers, song writers, and musicians gather to whisper sweet sounds into the ears of residents and visitors alike. Hamlet indeed – without the tragedy.

Our Edmonton Real Estate team is proud to include an affordable Sherwood Park condo in our Edmonton Realtor listings for those that wish to become a part of this unparalleled community. We also encourage you to browse through our Edmonton Real Estate Reciprocity listings for Sherwood Park homes of all types. Within this hamlet, there is a home for you and your family.

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