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As an Edmonton real estate team we welcome new residents into the city so often that it feels as if we should have our faces plastered next to the Welcome to the City of Edmonton sign on Yellowhead Highway. OK, we suppose that might not be the most modest touch, however, we are proud of the fact that households from all over the country, and beyond, turn to our Edmonton real estate office when moving to Edmonton. Why the migration you ask? Well, it’s no secret, especially if you’ve been reading our blog, that Edmonton Alberta has one of the hottest job markets in Canada. It’s number two in fact (according to Stats Canada) behind only to some town called Regina, Saskatchewan – but who wants to live there, right? Kidding. Sort of.

Specialized Workforce Driving Edmonton Real Estate

The city is expanding so rapidly that the labor supply cannot keep up. That statement however, may ruffle some feathers, especially those that are currently in-between jobs. While the job market here is burgeoning, it is doing so within growth industries and associated positions (both subordinate and management levels in manufacturing, energy, construction, retail management, and more). When this growth occurs, other jobs that are less specialized can fall to the waste side. However that does not mean that our residents falling in that category should pack up and head to Regina (yikes!). Instead, the way things are going in Edmonton thus far for every job that is lost another is created and thus individuals have been encouraged to go out there and get themselves specialized in the applicable industries to fill these vacancies. Even that has yet to fill the void however, and therefore enhanced labor mobility initiatives have become a focus so that individuals that may have had bad luck in the job market in of another city can find new life in Edmonton as a professional in their field. What doesn’t work as a prospect in Vancouver or Toronto may make you a valuable commodity in our city. It’s worth looking into.

Consult an Edmonton Realtor First

If you’re thinking of making a big move in the New Year ahead both with respect to geography and career, then you should take a good look at Edmonton as your new home – the chances are we need you here.

While you may need a little more for more specialized careers, it still helps
While you may need a little more for more specialized careers, it still helps

Contact our Edmonton real estate office today for a cordial, no pressure, consultation. We’d love to talk to you about finding your place, literally and figuratively, in Edmonton.

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