How is our weakening Canadian dollar affecting you? The silver lining…

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The Canadian dollar reached a low today of $78.42 US cents. We are curious to know how this is affecting Edmontonians. Please share your thoughts with us.

A silver lining for Canadians and more importantly real estate Buyers in Edmonton…

Lending rates are at an all time low with the prime rate being 2.85.  Our RBC mortgage broker Darrin Eriksen can currently provide a variable rate of prime minus .6, a 5 year fixed term rate of 2.79% and home equity line of prime plus .5.  Of course every lending portfolio is individual and we would encourage you to message us for Darrin’s contact info to discuss yours in more detail.

A silver lining for the Canadian economy … specifically tourism…

I have had a family vacation south of the border for the past several years. However in light of current events, we will likely pass this year and spend our money enjoying our family holiday here in Canada. I imagine at $78.40 US cents, Canada will be the holiday destination for many foreigners.


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