Upgrading or Building a Secondary Suite

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It is true…”Secondary suites are a viable source of rental housing and can also provide extra revenue or mortgage support for families looking to buy a home”  – The City of Edmonton.

If you are a home owner who is upgrading an existing suite or building a new secondary suite? You may qualify for the City of Edmonton Cornerstones II secondary suite grant for 2013 to 2016!

Secondary Suite Grants

In 2012, the City of Edmonton introduced Cornerstones II: Edmonton’s Plan for Affordable Housing (2012 – 2016), a five-year plan dedicated to increasing the supply and improving the condition of affordable housing – The City of Edmonton.

Like the original Cornerstones plan (2006 – 2011), Cornerstones II includes grant funding to the popular Secondary Suites program. Designed to increase safe, affordable housing options for lower income households in Edmonton, the Secondary Suites grant program encourages upgrading and creating new Secondary Suites in compliance with health and safety standards – The City of Edmonton.

In total, Cornerstones (2006 – 2011) helped Council upgrade and create 553 Secondary Suites and over 3,300 safe and affordable homes for citizens. A renewed funding commitment of $3 million under Cornerstones II for (2013 – 2016) to the Secondary Suites program will help upgrade and create an additional 450 Secondary Suites within (2013 – 2016) – The City of Edmonton.



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