Swim, Bike, Run to Edmonton in 2014

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Expansion of Edmonton Real Estate Starts to Lure International Events

Do you know all of the news that our Edmonton Real Estate blog continues to comment on week in and out here on the Edmonton Properties website? You know, the stuff about how the City of Edmonton has dedicated a big heaping pile of tax dollars towards the continued expansion of Edmonton? We are aware that there will always be concern about the allocation of city funds and we too keep a watchful eye on the process. But we have also stated that much of this expansion will bring unprecedented global attention to Edmonton from parties all over the world, ultimately resulting in even more revenue coming in. This week we saw an example of this as the International Triathlon Union (ITU) announced that they would hold the 2014 World Championships on our soil, beginning in the waters at Hawrelak Park.

About Time!

San Diego was originally supposed to host the 2014 ITU World Championships but could not fulfill their obligations and thus, with great interest coming from the ITU, Edmonton was selected to step in and take over. Our Edmonton Real Estate office takes it as a great compliment to be considered next to world class cities like San Diego and other current hosts such asAuckland, New Zealand and London, England. However, it’s no surprise either. We might even say “It’s about time!”


Edmonton Realtors In Support of ITU World Championships

The 2014 ITU World Championships in Edmonton will be one of the first big payoffs from the investment the city has made into our continually burgeoning Northern Alberta boomtown and our Edmonton real estate team will be there to welcome triathletes from all over the world. The whimsical talk has already started around our Edmonton Realtors office about the brother and sister team of Jay and Shari Love (Shari being the most likely candidate!) each adorning a singlet to compete in the ITU Age Group qualifiers but we make no promises as of yet, unless of course there was some coaxing from the community to do so on their Facebook page and Twitter profile (ahem).

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the 2014 ITU World Championships in Edmonton right here on our Edmonton real estate blog.

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