Stony Plain

Stony Plain Real Estate | Spruce Grove Real Estate | Welcome to Stony PlainStony Plain is a wonderful and thriving community located 40 kilometers west of Edmonton. The community has seen vast growth in the last few years and offers many ideal Real Estate listings. Stony Plain, once called “the Town with the Painted Past” is a vibrant community with a population of over 15,000 and could technically be deemed a city according to Alberta’s Municipal Government Act.

Stony Plain takes pride in its Arts and Culture as the town celebrates two major festivals every year, which are the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival and The Country Music Festival. The community also encourages activity and team sports as it is the home of the TansAlta Tri Leisure Centre, as well as 3 major parks, a skate park, and a BMX park.

Stony Plain Real Estate | Spruce Grove Real Estate | Family FunThe town of Stony Plain has five schools that are operated by the Parkland School Division. It also has a Catholic school, an outreach center, adult academic upgrading, and various private schools. The town has all the services of big city life including a hospital, library, restaurants, shopping and more. The location serves to delight residents as they can easily visit the fast pace of Edmonton or simply kickback and enjoy the leisure of a small town.

Stony Plain is governed by mayor, William Choy and six councilors. The four core strategies of Stony Plain are Social Equity, Economic Viability, Cultural Vitality, and Environmental Responsibility. The town has seen consistent growth over the years and possesses the right infrastructure to continue on the same path. Stony Plain is the town where you’re greeted with a warm welcoming smile – the kind that makes you feel right at home.