Stony Plain Realtors Frame Famed Stony Plain Murals

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Stony Plain Murals

Edmonton Properties and Team Love have been serving the entire area surrounding Edmonton for many years. In a juxtaposition of sorts, as we’ve grown as a real estate group we have recently narrowed our focus to smaller communities in order to provide an even more personalized service to prospective homeowners. We are a brother and sister team with strong family values and thus we find it a good fit to serve those that are looking for homes in two of the most family oriented communities in this neck of Alberta – Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. You can officially consider us as Spruce Grove and Stony Plain Realtors. Over the next few weeks our blog will dive deeper into these quaint townships and explore all they have to offer. This week, we thought we’d shed some light on one of the most unique attractions in Western Canada – the Stony Plain Murals.

Stony Plain Mural Landscape

Stony Plain is widely known as “The Town with the Painted Past”, a moniker earned because of the number of painted murals in town – 33 in fact, a number that will grow in the future for certain. Back in 1989 The Town of Stony Plain initiated the Murals Collection in an effort to both celebrate and preserve the community’s rich history. The murals have been designed and painted by artists from across the country and have been delivered from imagination to walled canvas in a variety of sizes. Some are expansive and proudly take up the landscape length of the exteriors of local businesses while others are compact yet exquisitely detailed. Every year, especially during the warm summer months in Stony Plain, over 100 horse & carriage, caravan, and walking tours are coordinated through the town’s Multicultural Heritage Centre. However when we find ourselves introducing prospective homeowners from out of town to Stony Plain, they simply prefer to “walkabout” town with the family and explore this unique area attraction at their own leisurely pace and leave it all to their own interpretation. We can’t think of a better way for you and your household to discover this magnificent community. For a more detailed look at each of these incredible works of art that protect the legacy of Stony Plain you can download this Mural Guide.

Stony Plain Hockey Mural

If you currently live in the Edmonton area and are looking for a quaint escape for your family to a smaller community or are already a resident within and seeking a new Spruce Grove or Stony Plain home, please contact Team Love today.


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