Snow Mountain in Spring

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Image courtesy of the National Post
Image courtesy of the National Post

Well, there is no point is discussing anything but the weather on this week’s Edmonton real estate blog. That’s all anyone is talking about while on transit, in coffee shops, and of course in our own Edmonton real estate office.

The fact that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring was the jumping off point of practically every news report that then dramatically pointed to the massive snowfall we’re experiencing in Edmonton. Sure it looks more like a winter wonderland than the dawn of a new season but that’s just fine.

Edmonton has long prepared itself to be known as a Winter City and much of the activities and attractions that the Edmonton is known for embrace the concept. We’ve discussed these in our pastEdmonton real estate blog posts so feel free to scroll through them at your leisure. However one “attraction” (so to speak) is gaining unexpected notoriety as it grows with each passing day – the Snow Mountain.

While it may sound like an exciting new theme park Snow Mountain is the happenstance result of the snow that the region has been receiving over the past few months. It doesn’t quite sparkle as it does in the minds of anyone that hears the words “Snow Mountain” (due to the bulldozing trail of dirt that accompanies its ever-growing stature) it is fast becoming the fodder of local discussion with many clamoring to check it out and snap pictures before the warmer Spring temperatures melt it away. Check out this recent National Post article on the Mother Nature / Manmade phenomenon that is taking the city by storm, with each passing (snow) storm.

Edmonton is known for finding humor and the bright side of the snowfall that graces our path with each new year and the interest in Snow Mountain is a testament to this fact. Our Edmonton real estate team is sure to pay it a visit ourselves to add to our Facebook photo album of all things Edmonton. So no matter the freezing temperatures and snow fall in this early spring we say embrace it. It won’t be long before we’re all gathered on city transit, in coffee shops, and offices complaining about the Edmonton Summer heat. We look forward to that too.


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