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Densification refers to increasing the number of units of housing per square foot of property. Densification is most recognized in regions with high levels of urbanization to accommodate a growing population. Canada has one of the highest levels of urbanization on the planet. While we are a large country, most of the population is concentrated within city centers. Canada is an optimal model of urbanization and thus a prime candidate for continued densification. Edmonton, with its residential base growing by the day, reflects this trait probably more than any other city in the country and as Edmonton Realtors we field questions from soon to be new homeowners about this trend how it will affect their decision to buy a new home.

Not Always Favourable?

When many of us picture densification in our minds we conjure up visions of tall San Francisco-esque narrow carbon copy homes sandwiched between one another in an endless row. While San Francisco does have some appealing residential landscapes many Edmontonians are averse to having their homes cramped close quartered to other indistinguishable three-tiered towers. The prospect of walking up and turning the keys into a door lock that won’t budge only to look up and find that you’re in the midst of an unintentional B & E of your neighbor’s identical home is not a favourable one.

A Model of Optimized Neighborhood Densification
A Model of Optimized Neighborhood Densification

Densification, But The Edmonton Real Estate Way

The Edmonton Journal reported that city planners want 25 per cent of new housing to be built within established neighborhoods, thus increasing the likelihood of the above scenario. However neighborhood architectural controls are thankfully being implemented so that duplex halves, much less entire rows of slender built homes, will not be identical in appearance. The intention is to ensure that homeowners are given the opportunity to maintain a unique physical identity which will ultimately serve to enhance the Edmonton real estate landscape. With the city putting so much thought into building up the downtown core, it’s nice to see that they are not forgetting about the aesthetics of the new developments in residential communities as well. Restrictions are also being relaxed to accommodate add-ons to Edmonton homes. Traditionally in many mature residential communities you may not have been able to expand a home-front outside of a strict square foot match to that of your neighbor, but this too is being scaled down in many neighborhoods.

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Edmonton and its population will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. No matter how you feel about densification, it is necessary to accommodate this growth. However it is in the implementation where most of us have underlying concerns and it seems that the city and its architectural planners are well aware of this fact. Because of this we can feel confident that not only will Edmonton real estate represent a model of efficiency, it will be one worthy of aesthetic praise as well.


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