Is Edmonton the Most Romantic City in Canada?

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edmonton_valentinesNeed another reason to move to Edmonton Alberta? If the wide open job market, low taxes, large concentration of activities & attractions, and affordable Edmonton real estate weren’t enough incentive for you, then perhaps being rated among Canada’s Most Romantic Cities will do the trick.

We may be a few days away from Valentine’s but today at our Edmonton real estate office we caught wind of an article on Global Edmonton stating that Edmonton was included in’s fourth annual Most Romantic Cities in Canada list. What makes such an authority on the matter? The results were tabulated by comparing sales data of romance novels, relationship books and romantic comedy DVDs (Katherine Heigl anyone?) between Jan. 1, 2012 and Jan. 23 2013 on a per capita basis in Canadian cities. Exact science? Maybe not. But we’re glad to see Edmonton get some recognition even if we didn’t crack the top 10 in’s books – we arrived between there and the 20 mark.

This of course brings us to the important point that Edmonton, even with its at times frigid weather, Wild West oilfields exterior, continuous residential/commercial construction, and buzzing persona of shopping/entertainment, is still a warm and welcoming place for romantic souls as well. Our city is full of marriage proposal inducing eateries, hand-in-hand stroll worthy parks, for-two activity tours, and shops to satiate both the sexy and sweet. Whether single and looking, or spouses packing up a household full of kids and pets, Edmonton will make the perfect home for those looking to add romance to their lives.

Let our Edmonton real estate office – all of us being romantics at heart – guide you in the right direction when considering a new home in Edmonton. You’ll fall in love with our homes for sale, the city, and someone – be it for the first time or all over again.

Contact Edmonton Properties today. Until then, check out a few of our unique Valentine’s Day recommendations in case you happen to be in Edmonton this February 14th:

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