Fiscal Cliff Pushing Americans Towards Alberta

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Greener Pastures in Edmonton Real Estate

The President of the United States and Congress has been taking over the bulk of the US broadcast news since the ball dropped in Times Square three nights ago and we keep hearing about this thing called the Fiscal Cliff and how the budget deficit remains in dire straits. Many Americans have waited out the recession in hopes of greener pastures but as each year passes many begin to look elsewhere for new career opportunities and thus a new residence. Included in these relocation considerations for many Americans is Northern Alberta and in particular, Edmonton.

Record Migration

This morning the CBC news reported that after a soon-to-come final tally from Statistics Canada, 2012 may very well be a record setting year for migration into Alberta. A favorable migration rate refers to when the number of people moving into the province significantly exceeds the number moving out. With third quarter numbers counted with positive indicators the remaining fourth quarter is expected to tip the scales towards the new claim to fame. Among these new migrants are Americans.


High Demand For Skilled Labour

The job market in Northern Alberta, as we have often discussed here in our Edmonton real estateblog, is hot. The demand for skilled workers in energy based (and other) industries appears to exceed supply and thus corporations are looking to pull from the U.S. to fill this void. The economic conditions in the U.S. evidently sent many packing to our northern boomtown in 2012 and with all eyes on the Fiscal Cliff it seems that 2013 may result in the same migration pattern.

Edmonton Realtors Welcome Newcomers With Open Arms

With the supply for labor remaining short in select industries within our own country we are happy to receive our neighbors as they come and contribute the economic success of Edmonton and Alberta as a whole. These are not just individuals, but entire households, that are either bringing or starting new families here in Edmonton, putting tax dollars into the Province and money into the community. As Edmonton Realtors we field inquiries from home seekers from all over North America and we witness firsthand the positive impact that our new residents have not only on the Edmonton Real Estate market but on the entire economic structure of the Province in addition to introducing a more diverse population to the region.

If you have happened upon our blog here today while considering a move to Northern Alberta for a better life for your household please do contact our Edmonton Real Estate office to begin the process with a casual, non-committal conversation about your needs. We are here with open arms.

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