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Today is the day! We encourage you to participate in Bell’s massive campaign to help end the stigma of mental illness and provide hope for those suffering with mental illness.  Keep the conversation going! Very simply for every

#1) text message sent

#2) long distance call made

#3) Tweet using #BellLetsTalk

#4) Facebook share of Bell’s Let’s Talk image

Bell will donate 5 cents to help fund mental illness initiatives across Canada.

Keep the conversation going! And…

#1) text either texting Jay Love @ 780-686-1350 or Shari Love @ 780-619-9649

#2) call either Jay Love @ 1-780-686-1350 or Shari Love @ 1-780-619-9649 long distance

#3) tweet @JayAndShariLove or @ShariLoves2Sell using #BellLetsTalk

#4) Facebook share Bell’s Let’s Talk image available on Edmonton Properties facebook

We all either know someone suffering with mental illness or are suffering with mental illness. Don’t be afraid to reach out.


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