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Offshore Oil keeps Atlantic Canadian workers at home. U.S. workers look to fill vacancies in the Edmonton Alberta energy sector and in turn, Edmonton homes

Workers from Atlantic Canada traditionally fill jobs in the Edmonton Oil & Gas sector but recent offshore drilling in the Atlantic is keeping them on the east coast. Edmonton Oil & Gas companies are now looking to the U.S. to fill this job surplus. The Edmonton real estate market is anticipating a spike in demand for homes in Edmonton by U.S. workers seeking long term employment. Edmonton Realtors Jay and Shari Love prepare to accommodate the demand by advising U.S. buyers to consider price reduced recreational properties.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — June 18, 2012

A May 22/2012 Maclean’s Magazine article announced that Ottawa is taking steps to ease employee relocation efforts for Oil & Gas companies in Edmonton Alberta seeking specialized workers and professionals from the U.S.. This call to action for the Canadian Parliament is taking place because workers and executives previously filling energy sector jobs in the oil rich Edmonton soil came from Atlantic Canada. But with offshore drilling in Canada’s Atlantic fast becoming a reality, workers are staying put. Enter the U.S. labor force.


With the U.S. job market continuing to struggle in many areas placing specialized workers, professionals, and executives on the hunt, Edmonton Alberta is becoming an attractive and viable option. These workers are not only seeking a temporary solution, they are looking at making Edmonton a long term place of residence as demand for high paid labor in the energy sector is projected to remain strong. This is good news for Edmonton Realtors. Instead of condo rentals and short term leases, workers are looking at purchasing homes in Edmonton. Jay and Shari Love, an Edmonton real estate team, see both an opportunity to fill this impending demand while boosting the recreational real estate market in Edmonton. According to an article released by the Edmonton Journal on June 18/2012, the prices of recreational properties in Alberta are seeing a noticeable drop. This is an opportunity that highly skilled workers from the U.S. moving to Edmonton may want to capitalize on.


Recreational properties can serve as residential homes for buyers. Jay Love, Realtor of Edmonton Properties, weighs in “What we have is a perfect three way match. Edmonton needs skilled professionals. Skilled professionals in the U.S. need jobs. Recreational property prices in Alberta are dropping. Households relocating to Edmonton can take advantage not only of this tremendous career opportunity they can purchase a residential home that can be enjoyed now and in the future as a recreational property.”


Edmonton Properties continues to keep an eye on developments in the province of Alberta and with legislative branches in Ottawa and encourages skilled professionals from the energy sector in the U.S. to keep their options open with regards an Edmonton relocation.


ABOUT Edmonton Properties

Jay Love and Shari Love are a brother and sister team of Edmonton REALTORS®. This dynamic team of Edmonton Real Estate Associates is among the top REALTOR® teams serving Edmonton and surrounding area.

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