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One of the biggest bragging rights Edmonton has (and we have many!) is our ownership of the title as Canada’s official Edmonton City. We imagine that real estate website blogs across the country are compiling their lists of the season’s events taking place in their own city but in Edmonton such a task in no easy feat. With so many festivals and events on deck for Edmonton in the summer we’d have to step aside from our Edmonton realty gig and become full time bloggers. Not gonna happen. Instead, we’ll chime in to inform both our valued residents and those considering moving to and buying a home in Edmonton about those “can’t miss” affairs that simply make our city such an alluring place to live amongst all Central Alberta area alternatives. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of our favorites – a Taste of Edmonton.

A Taste of Edmonton is an annual celebration of all things culinary in the city. Entering its 29th year, the event playfully takes a shot at its only summer rival with the tag line “Putting picnics to shame for 29 years” and we can agree that during that week long stretch between July 18-27 you’d be crazy not to venture over to a Taste of Edmonton for your daily main course, whether your “main course” involves a late breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between snack.

As the largest festival of its kind in the country (of course) a Taste of Edmonton delivers something for everyone, regardless how discerning the taste bud. From gourmet foods and international fusion to food trucks, carts, BBQ & comfort foods both budgets and tastes are accommodated. Beverages too take the stage with beer and wine tasting selections abound. Also, don’t let dietary restriction keep you from visiting a Taste of Edmonton as there plenty of gluten free and allergy conscious alternatives available to patrons. This multi-day gathering at Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton will be accented with performances from artists and musicians from across the country so even when your belly is content and full there will be plenty to keep you engaged at this festival.

To view a complete list of activities, vendors, and menus on site for a Taste of Edmonton visit their website at http://www.tasteofedm.ca/

Our entire Edmonton real estate office will be visiting a Taste of Edmonton so be sure to keep an eye out for us and say hello if you see the brother and sister Realtor team of Jay and Shari Love, even if they’re in the middle of stuffing their faces 😉

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