Edmonton Presents 2013 Civic Precinct Master Plan to Create Unprecedented People-Centered Area in the Booming City

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Edmonton Properties real estate reacts as The City of Edmonton presents their much anticipated 2013 Civic Precinct Master Plan to the public today.

The new initiative to create a dynamic, self-sufficient commercial, entertainment, and residential hub is considered by many, including prominent Edmonton Properties real estate team leader Jay Love, to be a once in a lifetime transition that will help guide new residents from all over North America to the city.

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

The City of Edmonton is calling it a “once in a generation transformation”. The Civic Precinct Master Plan has been made available for public viewing today and by the looks of it, the city is preparing for some big things in 2013 and beyond. Developed by collaborating with the fast growing downtown Edmonton commercial and residential community, the plan intends to foster current successes of the area while encouraging continued growth into the future. Guided by 6 principles, the Civic Precinct Master Plan offers a very detailed blueprint for how it expects to accomplish its transformation. Jay Love of Edmonton real estate group Team Love is using this proposal to guide his own team’s strategy to move forward and accommodate the influx of new residents seeking Edmonton homes near and within the downtown core.

The 6 guiding principles of the Civic Precinct Master Plan are titled as the following; Civic Identity, Balance Programming, Unique Zones, Everyday Activity, Green City Centre, and Pedestrians.

edmonton_civic_precinct_masterplan-1Principle 1 “Civic Identity” seeks to amplify the persona of the new Civic Precinct as a place Edmontonians can come to for leisure any day of the year by creating a Ceremonial Spine connecting cultural institutions of Edmonton – the Royal Alberta Museum, The Art Gallery of Alberta, Winspear, Citadel and the Stanley A. Milner Library. A new LRT system will better connect residents to the entire precinct. Principle 2 “Balance Programming” serves to locate Edmonton’s famed festivals to be included with the new Ceremonial Spine, ultimately expanding the festival zone. Principle 3 “Unique Zones” will create a series of distinct activity areas within the precinct. The zones will be clearly identified with signs and directories so that residents and visitors alike better understand how each area connects to the entire district. Principle 4 “Everyday Activity” follows up to develop activities and community programs within the aforementioned zones. Principle 5 “Green City Centre” will use sustainable materials to integrate hard surfaces with vibrant new and expansive green spaces while incorporating self-sufficient practices where feasible. Principle 6 “Pedestrians” intends to create an accessible all-season experience where foot traffic can navigate through well lit, transparent, weatherproof structures and spaces that create an aura of comfort and safety while encouraging community gathering.

The Civic Precinct Master Plan implications for the Edmonton real estate market are very clear. More people are expected to move to the downtown core of Edmonton. Jay Love and his real estate office are ready to field inquiries regarding downtown homes both from area residents seeking a change of pace and from households across the continent considering the move to take advantage of the rich job market. Jay Love comments “The City of Edmonton has clearly dedicated its resources to developing the area and marketing this fact. Our real estate office is now focusing much of its efforts in meeting the demand for downtown Edmonton homes from both young professionals and families seeking to improve their quality of life. The Civic Precinct Master Plan is a reflection of what the public wants from community living and we hope to be a big part of matching their wants and needs to a home perfect for each of them.” Team Love is less than two weeks away from launching their new website to accommodate this new wave of interest and is dedicating much in the way of current and future marketing communications to account for the trend.

More information about the Civic Precinct Master Plan can be found on the City of Edmonton website. To learn more about properties available in downtown Edmonton or for any inquiries about Edmonton real estate, Jay Love encourages interested parties to contact the Edmonton Properties office.

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