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Will Edmonton Real Estate Growth Lead to Gridlock?
Our Edmonton real estate team will be among the first to admit it. With the population boom taking place in Edmonton we anticipated road traffic to be heavy, really heavy. With all of the new Edmonton homes being built and subsequently filled we expected to start seeing some Los Angeles 405 FWY rush hour scenarios from time to time, especially while we await the completion of Anthony Henday Drive. Sure, our typical metropolitan roads have their moments of holding us in queue but for all of the growth and continuous expansion construction it really isn’t so bad at all. After taking a gander at CTV news online Edmonton edition today we got a hint as to why this is the case.
Edmonton Infrastructure Grows with Edmonton Real Estate
Yesterday’s report from the City of Edmonton indicated that transit use continues to be in the rise in Edmonton. Ridership on the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) buses and LRT increased by over 3 percent as of last year’s end, evidencing a trend of continued growth.

The city credits its ability to accommodate the ever growing population by improving both transit services and the marketing of the benefits of transit as an alternative to driving. The service improvements include enhancements to off-peak hour transit options and the addition of new routes. One in particular is a favorite of many locals and visitors – the addition of a route running from Mill Woods to West Edmonton Mall. Improved marketing initiatives from the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) include the notable ETS@Work program which allows employers to provide bus passes to employees at a lower price than if they were to buy them alone at a local 7-Eleven. The U-Pass is also a popular commuting option for post-secondary students in Edmonton, even though there have been concerns voiced about the cost of the U-Pass in recent months – such is the price to pay for better transit, and less traffic, we suppose.


Edmonton Real Estate Developments Closer to Work and School

Our Edmonton real estate office can also attest to another trend that may be leading to less traffic on the roads even though the population is growing. Young Professionals and family households contact our Edmonton real estate team on a regular basis with inquiries that relate to finding them a home within close proximity to their work or children’s schools. With day to day life busy enough as it is, people don’t want to waste their valuable time behind the wheel and thus opt to find Edmonton homes in the most convenient place possible, further reducing the traffic level.

Paving the Road to the Future

With Edmonton fast becoming the North American hub of family life, arts, culture, leisure, education, business, industry, and everything in between it is now clear that all roads lead to Edmonton – and they’re wide open thanks to our efficient transit system and smart thinking residents.

Contact our Edmonton real estate office today and join us on the freeway to a better life for you and your entire household.

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