Edmonton Expansion Also Fills Potholes

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Becoming a thing of the past in Edmonton as the city grows
Becoming a thing of the past in Edmonton as the city grows

If you were to ask anyone at our Edmonton real estate office, or any well-traveled (within the city) Edmonton resident, about where they would declare the worst road in Edmonton – the asphalt rounding Argyll to 63rd Avenue will roll off of the tongue. Credit goes to the Edmonton Journal this week for bringing it to the foreground.

The EJ article however was not a call to action to the City of Edmonton to have this pothole ridden road between 99th street and Gateway BLVD fixed, it instead thankfully reported on the fact that the city has already dedicated its resources to repairing the road this summer. Correction – a complete overhaul that will dig up the old road and replace it with a nice smooth new one. Interesting article, right? OK, we get it. Reporting on potholes may not exactly be a topic you’re accustomed to reading about here on our Edmonton real estate blog but it does tie in to the big issues that we often address.

For many months we have been providing our past, present, and future Edmonton real estate clients with up to date information on the monumental expansion of the city of Edmonton. We’ve discussed the nearly half a billion dollar addition of the new Edmonton Arena to the city’s landscape, the city’s successful effort to bring the International Triathlon Union World Championship to Edmonton, and big improvements to the Edmonton Transit System. But with all of these multi-million dollar initiatives that will serve to gain the city broader international attention, it’s nice to see that the City of Edmonton continues to take care of its citizens on a smaller scale. While we as residents also enjoy the larger initiatives (arena, etc…) we understand that many of these may be done to attract new business and household migration from the country and the world. But when we see that the city also dedicates efforts and resources to taking care of the “little things” that impact us all on a day to day basis, we gain further faith that Edmonton, with all of its tremendous expansion, is still about the community. That’s why we as Edmonton real estate professionals raise our own families here and why we are proud to represent the city when consulting with prospective homeowners considering new homes in Edmonton.

Contact our Edmonton real estate office today or call us anytime at (780) 686-1350. We’ll find the perfect Edmonton home for you and your family on a street without a pothole in sight.

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