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The Edmonton Journal reported on a study performed by Boyd Company, a US based location research firm that performs studies to the benefit of corporations considering relocation. The study included both U.S. and Canadian cities and of the 50, Edmonton was deemed to be one of the two least costly places in all of North America to operate a major corporation.

The criteria were based upon labor costs, electricity, property/sales taxes, and travel expenditures. Edmonton tied with the city of Halifax but when you include its additional strengths Edmonton remains a top spot to consider for corporate relocation. Edmonton is a complete package for corporate success.

Here we examine why businesses should look to Edmonton commercial properties and Edmonton real estate office listings when considering ways to keep corporate costs down:

Labor Costs

A favorable tax structure reflects positively on labor costs and this alone has made Edmonton a welcome target for corporate head offices. Alberta has a flat rate of 10% regardless of income making it an attractive option for corporations with high salaried management.

Low Overall Business Taxes

In addition to the taxes associated with labor income, Edmonton also has one of the lowest business tax structures in Canada. The combination of low corporate tax rates and the absence of provincial retail sales tax, capital tax, and provincial payroll tax have made Edmonton a lucrative place to do business. Edmonton also has one of the lowest gasoline tax rates and low property taxes which have positive implications for many corporations as well.

Labor Mobility

The continued demand for skilled labor in the manufacturing sector in Edmonton has created a culture of labor mobility. If corporations outside of the province are looking to relocate skilled workers and executives from the U.S. to Edmonton the relaxed regulatory environment makes the process easier.

Retail Development

Retail business in Edmonton is booming on a global scale and commercial property development is rising fast thanks to tightening vacancies for Edmonton real estate listings of a commercial nature. Head offices for retail businesses would be wise not only to seek out Edmonton commercial real estate but Edmonton head office property listing opportunities as well.

The future continues to look bright for Edmonton business, especially in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Contact Edmonton Properties today to discuss Edmonton real estate listings for offices and commercial properties to accommodate the needs of your business.

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