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Edmonton Presents 2013 Civic Precinct Master Plan to Create Unprecedented People-Centered Area in the Booming City

Edmonton Properties real estate reacts as The City of Edmonton presents their much anticipated 2013 Civic Precinct Master Plan to the public today.

The new initiative to create a dynamic, self-sufficient commercial, entertainment, and residential hub is considered by many, including prominent Edmonton Properties real estate team leader Jay Love, to be a once in a lifetime transition that will help guide new residents from all over North America to the city.

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

The City of Edmonton is calling it a “once in a generation transformation”. The Civic Precinct Master Plan has been made available for public viewing today and by the looks of it, the city is preparing for some big things in 2013 and beyond. Developed by collaborating with the fast growing downtown Edmonton commercial and residential community, the plan intends to foster current successes of the area while encouraging continued growth into the future. Guided by 6 principles, the Civic Precinct Master Plan offers a very detailed blueprint for how it expects to accomplish its transformation. Jay Love of Edmonton real estate group Team Love is using this proposal to guide his own team’s strategy to move forward and accommodate the influx of new residents seeking Edmonton homes near and within the downtown core.

The 6 guiding principles of the Civic Precinct Master Plan are titled as the following; Civic Identity, Balance Programming, Unique Zones, Everyday Activity, Green City Centre, and Pedestrians.

edmonton_civic_precinct_masterplan-1Principle 1 “Civic Identity” seeks to amplify the persona of the new Civic Precinct as a place Edmontonians can come to for leisure any day of the year by creating a Ceremonial Spine connecting cultural institutions of Edmonton – the Royal Alberta Museum, The Art Gallery of Alberta, Winspear, Citadel and the Stanley A. Milner Library. A new LRT system will better connect residents to the entire precinct. Principle 2 “Balance Programming” serves to locate Edmonton’s famed festivals to be included with the new Ceremonial Spine, ultimately expanding the festival zone. Principle 3 “Unique Zones” will create a series of distinct activity areas within the precinct. The zones will be clearly identified with signs and directories so that residents and visitors alike better understand how each area connects to the entire district. Principle 4 “Everyday Activity” follows up to develop activities and community programs within the aforementioned zones. Principle 5 “Green City Centre” will use sustainable materials to integrate hard surfaces with vibrant new and expansive green spaces while incorporating self-sufficient practices where feasible. Principle 6 “Pedestrians” intends to create an accessible all-season experience where foot traffic can navigate through well lit, transparent, weatherproof structures and spaces that create an aura of comfort and safety while encouraging community gathering.

The Civic Precinct Master Plan implications for the Edmonton real estate market are very clear. More people are expected to move to the downtown core of Edmonton. Jay Love and his real estate office are ready to field inquiries regarding downtown homes both from area residents seeking a change of pace and from households across the continent considering the move to take advantage of the rich job market. Jay Love comments “The City of Edmonton has clearly dedicated its resources to developing the area and marketing this fact. Our real estate office is now focusing much of its efforts in meeting the demand for downtown Edmonton homes from both young professionals and families seeking to improve their quality of life. The Civic Precinct Master Plan is a reflection of what the public wants from community living and we hope to be a big part of matching their wants and needs to a home perfect for each of them.” Team Love is less than two weeks away from launching their new website to accommodate this new wave of interest and is dedicating much in the way of current and future marketing communications to account for the trend.

More information about the Civic Precinct Master Plan can be found on the City of Edmonton website. To learn more about properties available in downtown Edmonton or for any inquiries about Edmonton real estate, Jay Love encourages interested parties to contact the Edmonton Properties office.

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Largest Shopping Mall in North America Attracts Shoppers From Home & Across the Border Beyond Black Friday

West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in North America, is hosting Black Friday 2012 even though Thanksgiving in Canada passed well over a month ago.

With special sales and extended hours, West Edmonton Mall is officially recognizing this popular U.S. retail affair for the first time and in doing so has community figureheads such as Jay Love, prominent residential and commercial real estate agent from Edmonton Properties, convinced that Edmonton is committing to its position as a continent wide leader in retail, leisure & entertainment.

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

The doors won’t be open at midnight to satiate ravenous shoppers looking to burn off a few turkey induced calories while fattening their credit card balances but West Edmonton Mall, Canada’s commercial contribution as the largest shopping mall in North America, has decided to officially recognize Black Friday this November 23, 2012. From 8AM to 9PM the mall that more resembles a small tourist driven city will buzz as local shoppers and those that have made their way from the U.S. for the extended weekend perhaps to escape the madness may very well have landed themselves in the ultimate hive of retail activity. For Edmontonians, the experience is simply business as usual.

gI_123726_West_Edmonton_Mall_Black-FridayThanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada and for decades Canadians have either been taking the trip south across the border for the Black Friday experience or simply watch the “show” on CNN from the comforts of their home as shoppers trample one another when the gates to Walmart (and the rest) part. However Edmonton has been on the fast track to global recognition as a retail giant and a major part of its draw comes from the United States. U.S. based retailers have flocked to Edmonton to set up shop within West Edmonton Mall, South Edmonton Common, or within the burgeoning downtown core. Marketing efforts have been made on behalf of the city to continue to bring visitors from all over the continent and those visitors continue to gain a sense of instant recognition when they pass through the walls of any of these retail centers. At the same time, West Edmonton Mall remains proud to showcase Canadian retailers as well, in particular the new addition of Simons – a large retailer of affordable upscale cutting-edge fashions. While Edmonton is clearly accommodating the demand from across the border, it keeps its identity intact.

For Edmonton professionals like Jay Love, a residential and commercial Edmonton real estate agent that sees the city’s distinctiveness as being an important lure to new residents, finding a balance between accommodation and individuality is imperative to the success of Edmonton. Jay Love comments “West Edmonton Mall has long been a major part of what attracts people to the city for work, business, and of course leisure. It’s one of the first topics of discussion when consulting with new clients looking to invest in Edmonton real estate. As one of the first theme park malls of its kind, it has witnessed an onslaught of attempts to take its position as North America’s premier shopping and entertainment destination and to respond it has continued to satiate the tastes of visitors by providing the familiar, albeit on a grander scale. This year’s Black Friday inception is a perfect example. However as an Edmonton purist, so to speak, I’m happy to say that West Edmonton Mall, even with its grandiose displays at every turn, still remains true to its identity. I don’t anticipate seeing any 12AM Black Friday openings or employees being forced to work at midnight on Canadian holidays any time soon.”

More information about West Edmonton Mall’s Black Friday can be found on their website. To learn more about commercial properties in Edmonton or for any inquiries about Edmonton real estate, Jay Love encourages interested parties to contact the Edmonton Properties office.

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Edmonton Alberta is one of the fastest growing cities in North America.

High income, low unemployment, low taxes, affordable homes, a retail boom, and a burgeoning downtown core have already served to turn households from all over the continent into residents of the city. One of the few remaining deterrents is seasonal in nature and is being sidelined by a new winter-proofing initiative that local real estate figurehead Jay Love, of Edmonton Properties, welcomes with open arms.

Edmonton, AB, Canada (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

It’s no longer a secret that Edmonton Alberta has become a major destination for households seeking a better quality of life. The city has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last decade and projections indicate no slowing in the process. The economy of this northern anchor of Central Alberta is strong due to the rich oil sands and other natural resources contributing to the energy sector. Commercial retail development is also skyrocketing and many corporations now call Edmonton home due to lower labor costs and overall business taxes. Enhanced labor mobility is attracting droves of individuals towards the region and the city has made every commitment to accommodate them. But with all of the incentives in place, there is one thing that those contemplating becoming residents of Edmonton are wary of – the weather.

While an Edmonton spring can be pleasant, summer warm, and autumn’s air crisp, it’s the mention of winter that sends shivers up the spines of Edmontonians – literally. With an average -15°C (5°F) in the winter, no salary or opportunity is big enough to convince those who place climate at the top of their pros and cons list that Central Alberta should be their new home. The City of Edmonton is well aware of this fact and has put a plan in place to make sure the cold winter months instead become an incentive, not a deterrent, to make the city attractive to residents for the entire 365 days of the year. Enter the WinterCity Strategy.

gI_120364_edmonton-alberta-winter-cityIn essence, Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy is a 72 page list of 10 goals included within four elements titled Life, Design, Economy, and Story. Winter Life encompasses goals to provide more outdoor activity opportunities including snow and ice theme parks in addition to improving   winter transportation for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users which involves everything from prompt snow removal on routes to heated bus shelters. Winter Design encompasses designing communities for winter safety and comfort which involves the creation of warm and inviting public spaces with functional tools such as sun traps, community fire pits, heat lamps, heated walkways, and sheltered passages in addition to more aesthetically pleasing tactics using warm colors and hues in public spaces that enhance the perception of comfort and thus elevates overall public mood. Winter Economy seeks to increase the capacity and sustainability of the city’s winter festivals, develop a year round patio culture, and to make Edmonton a world leader in innovative winter based industry by boosting entrepreneurial efforts focused on winter products and services. Finally, Winter Story builds upon the concept by promoting it to the world in an effort to attract not just tourists, but new residents.

Jay Love, prominent Edmonton Realtor from Edmonton Properties, sees this most recent initiative as the final piece of the puzzle being put in place to make Edmonton one of the most livable and well rounded cities in North America and will help create the ultimate “four seasons” culture. Jay Love comments “As an Edmonton Realtor with prospective clients from all over the world, I find myself fielding questions about the weather on a regular basis. The winters in Edmonton should be an incentive, not a deterrent, to those considering making their home here. Finally the city is doing something tangible to make this fact more clear.”

Jay Love and his Edmonton Real Estate team serve as impromptu liaisons to the city of Edmonton and in the eyes of clients that solicit their services when seeking an Edmonton home they can be considered an important part of this image transition. It goes without saying that all businesses are excited about The City of Edmonton’s commitment to promoting a World Class Winter City.

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Downtown Edmonton’s 2012 Proposal for $4.8 Billion Expansion Will Solidify it as One of the Fastest Growing Entertainment, Commercial, & Residential Hubs in North America

Edmonton Alberta’s recent retail boom is being followed by a renaissance in the form of a proposed 5 year downtown expansion initiative totalling almost 5 billion dollars.

The continued success of Edmonton’s commercial business and development indicates that many of the proposed projects will likely move forward. Edmonton Properties Realtor Jay Love expects to see an unprecedented residential migration towards the downtown core to accompany the initiative.

Edmonton, AB, Canada (PRWEB) September 05, 2012

The Downtown Business Association released a  report on August 28/2012 detailing a five year growth strategy. The summary includes three categories: Probable Projects, Proposed Projects, and Rumored Projects. Probable Projects which estimate at $2 billion include constructions already under development with a high likelihood of reaching completion. Proposed Projects account for an estimated $.7 billion and include those that have been publicly communicated and are in the planning phase which also indicates a likelihood of seeing the light of day. The remaining $2.1 billion Rumored Projects are still considered reasonable additions to downtown Edmonton but have yet to be confirmed in a public forum and thus cannot be officially attributed with a probability. Regardless the final tally of the follow through, the landscape of downtown Edmonton will change dramatically. The initiatives are broken down into Arts/Culture & Entertainment, Education, Commercial, and consequentially – Residential Construction.
gI_115655_Edmonton-New-ArenaA top priority of the new development includes a new arena for the Katz Group owned Edmonton Oilers NHL team and is considered to be at the heart of it all. However, its tally is less than half a billion dollars. The remaining amount attributed to the Arts/Culture & Entertainment portion includes a new Royal Alberta Museum, a new performing arts theater, and expansions to other focal points of interest in downtown Edmonton that will benefit from revitalization, including the current development of bustling Jasper Avenue making the area more pedestrian friendly which will in turn support residential growth. Educational infrastructure is slated to improve with the expansion of NorQuest College and the consolidation of MacEwan University facilities into the downtown core and both are expected to spike short and long term residential requirements. Edmonton’s aforementioned commercial growth will continue to expand into the downtown zone as well with a slew of new retail, service, and hospitality developments creating a new labor center that too lends to demand for residential properties. Public transportation improvements such as the $132 million replacement of Walterdale Bridge and $755 million dollar Light Rail Transit (LRT) expansion will help usher visitors and residents in and out of downtown. The residential construction to accompany the growth of downtown Edmonton will be evidenced by more than a dozen high-rise buildings being added to the Edmonton skyline with the addition of over 2,000 new homes accommodating potentially thousands of new residents.


Jay Love, an Edmonton Properties realtor of home and commercial real estate group Team Love, comments “This unprecedented expansion of Edmonton’s downtown core will be met with an unprecedented growth in residential migration. It’s only natural that these initiatives will spur residents to move towards the pulse of the city where labor and leisure come together. This is truly an exciting time.” Edmonton Properties is currently consulting for prospective downtown Edmonton home owners and real estate investors and encourages anyone considering buying Edmonton real estate to contact Edmonton Properties as soon as possible.


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Retail Business is Booming in 2012 at the Home of North America’s Biggest Mall

U.S. Retailers Flock to Edmonton to Open Shop while Edmonton Realtor Jay Love Welcomes the Development.


Edmonton Alberta owns both the title to North America’s Largest Shopping Mall and the Largest Open Air Retail Development. Now, with statistics showing that Edmonton leads the country and much of North America in retail sales and growth, retailers from the U.S. are opening stores in Edmonton and filling commercial vacancies in record numbers. The demand has fueled new commercial property development and Edmonton Realtors are trying to keep up with this demand.


Edmonton, AB, Canada (PRWEB) August 09, 2012

The Financial Post released an article on July 24/2012 evidencing that the retail sector in Edmonton Alberta remains strong and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Edmonton leads the country in this noticeable pattern of growth due to a variety of factors. Not only is Edmonton home to North America’s largest shopping attractions West Edmonton Mall and open air development South Edmonton Common, making the city a destination point for those that place shopping as a priority in their vacation experience, there are economic factors at play here as well. The growth in retail development can be attributed to other factors beyond strong sales.


Labor costs are significantly lower in Edmonton due to a favorable tax structure with a flat rate of 10%, making the city an attractive destination for retailers considering a head office move in addition to setting up stores. Overall business taxes are lower in Edmonton as well. The combination of low corporate tax rates, lower property tax, and the absence of provincial retail sales tax, capital tax, and provincial payroll tax have made Edmonton a lucrative place to conduct retail business. Lower gas and energy tax rates and costs also help the bottom line for retailers. Combine all of this with the encouraging statistics on retail sales growth and you’ve got the perfect storm for retail success. This attention spurred recent demand for commercial real estate in Edmonton resulting in the current lack of vacancies available to new retailers and those seeking to upgrade in store size. This demand, combined by the lack in vacancy, has ignited new commercial development in Edmonton. By the end of 2013, well over 3 million square feet worth of commercial property construction will be completed. Realtors with commercial interests are planning well in advance to ensure clients find a match to suit their needs.


Jay Love, an Edmonton Properties realtor of home and commercial real estate group Team Love, comments “We’ve always been confident in Edmonton’s ability to be a mainstay in the retail landscape of North America. However, we can’t say that we anticipated such a tightening of commercial vacancies. Thankfully, the city responded accordingly to accommodate the growth. We are entering a truly exciting time for commercial realtors, developers, retailers, and consumers alike. Edmonton will solidify its dominance in the retail setting and the economy will benefit.”


Edmonton Properties realtors Jay Love and Shari love encourage retailers looking for commercial real estate in Edmonton to contact them right away to begin the process. Even with the new construction breaking ground as this article goes to press, the demand for Edmonton commercial real estate continues to grow, along with the sales.


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Jay Love and Shari Love are a brother and sister team of Edmonton Realtors. This dynamic team of Edmonton Real Estate Associates is among the top Realtor teams serving Edmonton and surrounding area. Contact Edmonton Properties today.’s Jay Love Quoted in New Press Release

Offshore Oil keeps Atlantic Canadian workers at home. U.S. workers look to fill vacancies in the Edmonton Alberta energy sector and in turn, Edmonton homes

Workers from Atlantic Canada traditionally fill jobs in the Edmonton Oil & Gas sector but recent offshore drilling in the Atlantic is keeping them on the east coast. Edmonton Oil & Gas companies are now looking to the U.S. to fill this job surplus. The Edmonton real estate market is anticipating a spike in demand for homes in Edmonton by U.S. workers seeking long term employment. Edmonton Realtors Jay and Shari Love prepare to accommodate the demand by advising U.S. buyers to consider price reduced recreational properties.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — June 18, 2012

A May 22/2012 Maclean’s Magazine article announced that Ottawa is taking steps to ease employee relocation efforts for Oil & Gas companies in Edmonton Alberta seeking specialized workers and professionals from the U.S.. This call to action for the Canadian Parliament is taking place because workers and executives previously filling energy sector jobs in the oil rich Edmonton soil came from Atlantic Canada. But with offshore drilling in Canada’s Atlantic fast becoming a reality, workers are staying put. Enter the U.S. labor force.


With the U.S. job market continuing to struggle in many areas placing specialized workers, professionals, and executives on the hunt, Edmonton Alberta is becoming an attractive and viable option. These workers are not only seeking a temporary solution, they are looking at making Edmonton a long term place of residence as demand for high paid labor in the energy sector is projected to remain strong. This is good news for Edmonton Realtors. Instead of condo rentals and short term leases, workers are looking at purchasing homes in Edmonton. Jay and Shari Love, an Edmonton real estate team, see both an opportunity to fill this impending demand while boosting the recreational real estate market in Edmonton. According to an article released by the Edmonton Journal on June 18/2012, the prices of recreational properties in Alberta are seeing a noticeable drop. This is an opportunity that highly skilled workers from the U.S. moving to Edmonton may want to capitalize on.


Recreational properties can serve as residential homes for buyers. Jay Love, Realtor of Edmonton Properties, weighs in “What we have is a perfect three way match. Edmonton needs skilled professionals. Skilled professionals in the U.S. need jobs. Recreational property prices in Alberta are dropping. Households relocating to Edmonton can take advantage not only of this tremendous career opportunity they can purchase a residential home that can be enjoyed now and in the future as a recreational property.”


Edmonton Properties continues to keep an eye on developments in the province of Alberta and with legislative branches in Ottawa and encourages skilled professionals from the energy sector in the U.S. to keep their options open with regards an Edmonton relocation.


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