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Stony Plain Realtors Frame Famed Stony Plain Murals

Stony Plain Murals

Edmonton Properties and Team Love have been serving the entire area surrounding Edmonton for many years. In a juxtaposition of sorts, as we’ve grown as a real estate group we have recently narrowed our focus to smaller communities in order to provide an even more personalized service to prospective homeowners. We are a brother and sister team with strong family values and thus we find it a good fit to serve those that are looking for homes in two of the most family oriented communities in this neck of Alberta – Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. You can officially consider us as Spruce Grove and Stony Plain Realtors. Over the next few weeks our blog will dive deeper into these quaint townships and explore all they have to offer. This week, we thought we’d shed some light on one of the most unique attractions in Western Canada – the Stony Plain Murals.

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Edmonton Real Estate Soon to Fill Up with Babies


Did that title catch your attention? Who doesn’t want to read about babies, right? No, we’re not luring you in with a catchy title to trick you into reading about Edmonton mortgage rates as we are indeed here to talk about babies on this week’s Team Love blog entry from Edmonton Properties.

Recent reports continue to show that Alberta has the highest birth rate in the country. Apparently all of the young professional couples and families that move here to take advantage of the economic boom are pretty busy during their “leisurely” hours. Love is in the air and with it comes bundles of joy. Nowhere is this more true than right here in our ever-growing metropolis of Edmonton.

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Edmonton Realtors Recommend Getting a Taste of Edmonton


One of the biggest bragging rights Edmonton has (and we have many!) is our ownership of the title as Canada’s official Edmonton City. We imagine that real estate website blogs across the country are compiling their lists of the season’s events taking place in their own city but in Edmonton such a task in no easy feat. With so many festivals and events on deck for Edmonton in the summer we’d have to step aside from our Edmonton realty gig and become full time bloggers. Not gonna happen. Instead, we’ll chime in to inform both our valued residents and those considering moving to and buying a home in Edmonton about those “can’t miss” affairs that simply make our city such an alluring place to live amongst all Central Alberta area alternatives. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of our favorites – a Taste of Edmonton.

A Taste of Edmonton is an annual celebration of all things culinary in the city. Entering its 29th year, the event playfully takes a shot at its only summer rival with the tag line “Putting picnics to shame for 29 years” and we can agree that during that week long stretch between July 18-27 you’d be crazy not to venture over to a Taste of Edmonton for your daily main course, whether your “main course” involves a late breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between snack.

As the largest festival of its kind in the country (of course) a Taste of Edmonton delivers something for everyone, regardless how discerning the taste bud. From gourmet foods and international fusion to food trucks, carts, BBQ & comfort foods both budgets and tastes are accommodated. Beverages too take the stage with beer and wine tasting selections abound. Also, don’t let dietary restriction keep you from visiting a Taste of Edmonton as there plenty of gluten free and allergy conscious alternatives available to patrons. This multi-day gathering at Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton will be accented with performances from artists and musicians from across the country so even when your belly is content and full there will be plenty to keep you engaged at this festival.

To view a complete list of activities, vendors, and menus on site for a Taste of Edmonton visit their website at

Our entire Edmonton real estate office will be visiting a Taste of Edmonton so be sure to keep an eye out for us and say hello if you see the brother and sister Realtor team of Jay and Shari Love, even if they’re in the middle of stuffing their faces ūüėČ

Multi Family Homes for Sale in Edmonton are in Demand


This week the Journal reported on multi-family housing being back ‚Äúin vogue‚ÄĚ here in Edmonton. For those not as versed in real estate speak the term ‚Äúmulti-family housing‚ÄĚ simply refers to property developments such as condominiums, duplexes, townhouses and the like ‚Äď places of residence that can accommodate more than one family unit. While we find it amusing that the Journal mentions this Edmonton real estate trend as being ‚Äúin vogue‚ÄĚ we can agree that there is a bounce-back pattern developing to compete with the single-detached home sales that have been prevalent for so long in the burgeoning Edmonton realty market.

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Edmonton Home Renovations Grow with Rise in Re-sales

Edmonton-real-estate-home-renovationThe Edmonton Journal reported on an interesting statistic coming from a CIBC survey released earlier this week. Apparently Alberta homeowners have big plans for home renovations in the year ahead. Our Edmonton real estate office was not too surprised.

Not to brag about our city and province (wait, yes, let’s brag) but Edmonton (and the province) continues to post higher results for many positive economic indicators than the national average. When we hear that Alberta homeowners planning renovations are investing an average of $22,900 for the year (compared to the national average of $15,300) our Edmonton real estate team is quick to point out that this trend is reflected in another trend evident in Alberta – the rise in sales of existing homes.

While anyone driving through Edmonton can see that new construction homes are popping up in a feverish pace in residential developments throughout the city, the resale market remains strong. The weekly Economic Review from Finance Alberta reports on this continuing trend and as Edmonton Realtors we are quick to take notice. While many Edmonton real estate agents jump on the new construction bandwagon Edmonton Properties remembers where our bread & butter comes from – the beloved homeowners of Edmonton that decide on their terms when it’s time for an upgrade (e.g. for young families) or a transition into something more practical (e.g. empty nesters). Sure, we also accommodate residents and new households moving into the region looking for new construction Edmonton homes but we will always serve to represent our city as the go-to Edmonton real estate team for those looking to sell their existing home, matching them with the perfect buyer at a fair market price.

We’re happy to see homeowners investing in their existing homes with these increases in home renovations. Anything to make your home more enjoyable and livable for generations to come the better. If you do end up selling your home in the near or far off future you will have added to the resale value and increased your chances of turning a nice profit on your home sale, making it that much easier to transition into the next one that then better accommodates your lifestyle.

Again, Edmonton Properties is the real estate team of the entire Edmonton community, so if you are looking for a real estate team to represent you and your home you’ve come to the right place. Contact our Edmonton real estate team today and let’s add you to the existing economic trend of Albertans successfully selling their homes for a fair market value.

Snow Mountain in Spring

Image courtesy of the National Post

Image courtesy of the National Post

Well, there is no point is discussing anything but the weather on this week’s¬†Edmonton real estate¬†blog. That’s all anyone is talking about while on¬†transit, in coffee shops, and of course in our own¬†Edmonton real estate¬†office.

The fact that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring was the jumping off point of practically every news report that then dramatically pointed to the massive snowfall we’re experiencing in Edmonton. Sure it looks more like a winter wonderland than the dawn of a new season but that’s just fine.

Edmonton has long prepared itself to be known as a¬†Winter City¬†and much of the activities and attractions that the Edmonton is known for embrace the concept. We’ve discussed these in our pastEdmonton real estate¬†blog posts so feel free to scroll through them at your leisure. However one “attraction” (so to speak) is gaining unexpected notoriety as it grows with each passing day – the Snow Mountain.

While it may sound like an exciting new theme park Snow Mountain is the happenstance result of the snow that the region has been receiving over the past few months. It doesn’t quite sparkle as it does in the minds of anyone that hears the words “Snow Mountain” (due to the bulldozing trail of dirt that accompanies its ever-growing stature) it is fast becoming the fodder of local discussion with many clamoring to check it out and snap pictures before the warmer Spring temperatures melt it away. Check out this recent¬†National Post¬†article on the Mother Nature / Manmade phenomenon that is taking the city by storm, with each passing (snow) storm.

Edmonton is known for finding humor and the bright side of the snowfall that graces our path with each new year and the interest in Snow Mountain is a testament to this fact. Our¬†Edmonton real estate¬†team is sure to pay it a visit ourselves to add to our¬†Facebook¬†photo album of all things Edmonton. So no matter the freezing temperatures and snow fall in this early spring we say embrace it. It won’t be long before we’re all gathered on city transit, in coffee shops, and offices complaining about the Edmonton Summer heat. We look forward to that too.


Edmonton Expansion Also Fills Potholes

Becoming a thing of the past in Edmonton as the city grows

Becoming a thing of the past in Edmonton as the city grows

If you were to ask anyone at our¬†Edmonton real estate¬†office, or any well-traveled (within the city) Edmonton resident, about where they would declare the worst road in Edmonton ‚Äď the asphalt rounding Argyll to 63rd¬†Avenue will roll off of the tongue. Credit goes to the¬†Edmonton Journal¬†this week for bringing it to the foreground.

The EJ article however was not a call to action to the City of Edmonton to have this pothole ridden road between 99th¬†street and Gateway BLVD fixed, it instead thankfully reported on the fact that the city has already dedicated its resources to repairing the road this summer. Correction ‚Äď a complete overhaul that will dig up the old road and replace it with a nice smooth new one. Interesting article, right? OK, we get it. Reporting on potholes may not exactly be a topic you‚Äôre accustomed to reading about here on our¬†Edmonton real estate¬†blog but it does tie in to the big issues that we often address.

For many months we have been providing our past, present, and future¬†Edmonton real estate¬†clients with up to date information on the monumental expansion of the city of Edmonton. We‚Äôve discussed the nearly half a billion dollar addition of the¬†new Edmonton Arena¬†to the city‚Äôs landscape, the city‚Äôs successful effort to bring the¬†International Triathlon Union World Championship to Edmonton, and big improvements to the¬†Edmonton Transit System. But with all of these multi-million dollar initiatives that will serve to gain the city broader international attention, it‚Äôs nice to see that the City of Edmonton continues to take care of its citizens on a smaller scale. While we as residents also enjoy the larger initiatives (arena, etc‚Ķ) we understand that many of these may be done to attract new business and household migration from the country and the world. But when we see that the city also dedicates efforts and resources to taking care of the ‚Äúlittle things‚ÄĚ that impact us all on a day to day basis, we gain further faith that Edmonton, with all of its tremendous expansion, is still about the community. That‚Äôs why we as¬†Edmonton real estate¬†professionals raise our own families here and why we are proud to represent the city when consulting with prospective homeowners considering¬†new homes in Edmonton.

Contact our Edmonton real estate office today or call us anytime at (780) 686-1350. We’ll find the perfect Edmonton home for you and your family on a street without a pothole in sight.

Edmonton on the Transit Fast Track

Will Edmonton Real Estate Growth Lead to Gridlock?
Our Edmonton real estate team will be among the first to admit it. With the population boom taking place in Edmonton we anticipated road traffic to be heavy, really heavy. With all of the new Edmonton homes being built and subsequently filled we expected to start seeing some Los Angeles 405 FWY rush hour scenarios from time to time, especially while we await the completion of Anthony Henday Drive. Sure, our typical metropolitan roads have their moments of holding us in queue but for all of the growth and continuous expansion construction it really isn’t so bad at all. After taking a gander at CTV news online Edmonton edition today we got a hint as to why this is the case.
Edmonton Infrastructure Grows with Edmonton Real Estate
Yesterday’s report from the City of Edmonton indicated that transit use continues to be in the rise in Edmonton. Ridership on the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) buses and LRT increased by over 3 percent as of last year’s end, evidencing a trend of continued growth.

The city credits its ability to accommodate the ever growing population by improving both transit services and the marketing of the benefits of transit as an alternative to driving. The service improvements include enhancements to off-peak hour transit options and the addition of new routes. One in particular is a favorite of many locals and visitors – the addition of a route running from Mill Woods to West Edmonton Mall. Improved marketing initiatives from the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) include the notable ETS@Work program which allows employers to provide bus passes to employees at a lower price than if they were to buy them alone at a local 7-Eleven. The U-Pass is also a popular commuting option for post-secondary students in Edmonton, even though there have been concerns voiced about the cost of the U-Pass in recent months – such is the price to pay for better transit, and less traffic, we suppose.


Edmonton Real Estate Developments Closer to Work and School

Our¬†Edmonton real estate¬†office can also attest to another trend that may be leading to less traffic on the roads even though the population is growing. Young Professionals and family households contact our Edmonton real estate team¬†on a regular basis with inquiries that relate to finding them a home within close proximity to their work or children‚Äôs schools. With day to day life busy enough as it is, people don’t want to waste their valuable time behind the wheel and thus opt to find¬†Edmonton homes¬†in the most convenient place possible, further reducing the traffic level.

Paving the Road to the Future

With Edmonton fast becoming the North American hub of family life, arts, culture, leisure, education, business, industry, and everything in between it is now clear that¬†all roads lead to Edmonton¬†– and they’re wide open thanks to our efficient transit system and smart thinking residents.

Contact our Edmonton real estate office today and join us on the freeway to a better life for you and your entire household.

Is Edmonton the Most Romantic City in Canada?

edmonton_valentinesNeed another reason to move to Edmonton Alberta? If the wide open job market, low taxes, large concentration of activities & attractions, and affordable Edmonton real estate weren’t enough incentive for you, then perhaps being rated among Canada’s Most Romantic Cities will do the trick.

We may be a few days away from Valentine’s but today at our Edmonton real estate office we caught wind of an article on Global Edmonton stating that Edmonton was included in’s fourth annual Most Romantic Cities in Canada list. What makes such an authority on the matter? The results were tabulated by comparing sales data of romance novels, relationship books and romantic comedy DVDs (Katherine Heigl anyone?) between Jan. 1, 2012 and Jan. 23 2013 on a per capita basis in Canadian cities. Exact science? Maybe not. But we’re glad to see Edmonton get some recognition even if we didn’t crack the top 10 in’s books – we arrived between there and the 20 mark.

This of course brings us to the important point that Edmonton, even with its at times frigid weather, Wild West oilfields exterior, continuous residential/commercial construction, and buzzing persona of shopping/entertainment, is still a warm and welcoming place for romantic souls as well. Our city is full of marriage proposal inducing eateries, hand-in-hand stroll worthy parks, for-two activity tours, and shops to satiate both the sexy and sweet. Whether single and looking, or spouses packing up a household full of kids and pets, Edmonton will make the perfect home for those looking to add romance to their lives.

Let our Edmonton real estate office ‚Äď all of us being romantics at heart – guide you in the right direction when considering a new home in Edmonton. You’ll fall in love with our homes for sale, the city, and someone – be it for the first time or all over again.

Contact Edmonton Properties today. Until then, check out a few of our unique Valentine’s Day recommendations in case you happen to be in Edmonton this February 14th:

Art Gallery of Alberta – Cold Night / Hot Date

Swim, Bike, Run to Edmonton in 2014

Expansion of Edmonton Real Estate Starts to Lure International Events

Do you know all of the news that our Edmonton Real Estate blog continues to comment on week in and out here on the Edmonton Properties website? You know, the stuff about how the City of Edmonton has dedicated a big heaping pile of tax dollars towards the continued expansion of Edmonton? We are aware that there will always be concern about the allocation of city funds and we too keep a watchful eye on the process. But we have also stated that much of this expansion will bring unprecedented global attention to Edmonton from parties all over the world, ultimately resulting in even more revenue coming in. This week we saw an example of this as the International Triathlon Union (ITU) announced that they would hold the 2014 World Championships on our soil, beginning in the waters at Hawrelak Park.

About Time!

San Diego was originally supposed to host the 2014 ITU World Championships but could not fulfill their obligations and thus, with great interest coming from the ITU, Edmonton was selected to step in and take over. Our¬†Edmonton Real Estate¬†office takes it as a great compliment to be considered next to world class cities like¬†San Diego¬†and other current hosts such asAuckland, New Zealand¬†and¬†London, England. However, it‚Äôs no surprise either. We might even say ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs about time!‚ÄĚ


Edmonton Realtors In Support of ITU World Championships

The 2014 ITU World Championships in Edmonton will be one of the first big payoffs from the investment the city has made into our continually burgeoning Northern Alberta boomtown and our Edmonton real estate team will be there to welcome triathletes from all over the world. The whimsical talk has already started around our Edmonton Realtors office about the brother and sister team of Jay and Shari Love (Shari being the most likely candidate!) each adorning a singlet to compete in the ITU Age Group qualifiers but we make no promises as of yet, unless of course there was some coaxing from the community to do so on their Facebook page and Twitter profile (ahem).

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the 2014 ITU World Championships in Edmonton right here on our Edmonton real estate blog.