A Cultural Escape From a Winter Weekend

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Indoor Attractions

edmontonartmuseumIt’s a fairly decent day today as our Edmonton Real Estate team has been showing properties in intermittent sunny skies. The remainder of the weekend however is a different story as beginning tonight the temperature is going to drop considerably and flurries are expected to roll in. Put snowman-building on your family itinerary for tomorrow.

For the rest of you that may be a little averse to playing outside in the freezing temperatures we encourage you to get out there and spend some leisure time enjoying the indoor attractions of the city. As an Edmonton Real Estate team we like to think we’re on top of things with respect to things to do in Edmonton and thus with this wintery weekend blog edition we thought we’d focus in on the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Edmonton Real Estate Comes With Great Ameneties 

The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is a world class centre of visual arts in Western Canada, developing and presenting original exhibitions of both modern and historical arts created from within the Alberta artisan community and displaying contributions from around the world. Of course, as with any city, residents tend to take such institutions for granted. When something is in your own backyard you often forget that it’s there. Meanwhile droves of visitors to Edmonton take in the inspiring AGA on a daily basis. It’s good to get a reminder from time to time to get out there and explore your own backyard. This weekend, with the weather taking a turn for the wicked, we encourage you to join us in doing just that.

New and Ongoing Exhibitions

antlersIn addition to the ongoing affairs at the AGA this month features fantastic exhibitions. The EDO: Arts of Japan’s Last Shogun Age will be fascinating for anyone interested in centuries-old Japanese arts and culture – including some very cool displays of samurai armor and weaponry. If samurai swords aren’t cutting edge enough you can take a peek at the Paul Freeman: It’s Only Natural exhibition (pictured below) which takes a poke at new genetic technologies and how it can distort the boundaries between species and life forms.

After taking in these and the other interesting attractions within the chrome dome of the Alberta Art Gallery we recommend winding down at the contemporary Zinc Restaurant Edmonton located within – a cozy way to wrap up your day before heading back out into the cold to make your way home. Drive safe.

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