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Edmonton Alberta is one of the fastest growing cities in North America.

High income, low unemployment, low taxes, affordable homes, a retail boom, and a burgeoning downtown core have already served to turn households from all over the continent into residents of the city. One of the few remaining deterrents is seasonal in nature and is being sidelined by a new winter-proofing initiative that local real estate figurehead Jay Love, of Edmonton Properties, welcomes with open arms.

Edmonton, AB, Canada (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

It’s no longer a secret that Edmonton Alberta has become a major destination for households seeking a better quality of life. The city has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last decade and projections indicate no slowing in the process. The economy of this northern anchor of Central Alberta is strong due to the rich oil sands and other natural resources contributing to the energy sector. Commercial retail development is also skyrocketing and many corporations now call Edmonton home due to lower labor costs and overall business taxes. Enhanced labor mobility is attracting droves of individuals towards the region and the city has made every commitment to accommodate them. But with all of the incentives in place, there is one thing that those contemplating becoming residents of Edmonton are wary of – the weather.

While an Edmonton spring can be pleasant, summer warm, and autumn’s air crisp, it’s the mention of winter that sends shivers up the spines of Edmontonians – literally. With an average -15°C (5°F) in the winter, no salary or opportunity is big enough to convince those who place climate at the top of their pros and cons list that Central Alberta should be their new home. The City of Edmonton is well aware of this fact and has put a plan in place to make sure the cold winter months instead become an incentive, not a deterrent, to make the city attractive to residents for the entire 365 days of the year. Enter the WinterCity Strategy.

gI_120364_edmonton-alberta-winter-cityIn essence, Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy is a 72 page list of 10 goals included within four elements titled Life, Design, Economy, and Story. Winter Life encompasses goals to provide more outdoor activity opportunities including snow and ice theme parks in addition to improving   winter transportation for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users which involves everything from prompt snow removal on routes to heated bus shelters. Winter Design encompasses designing communities for winter safety and comfort which involves the creation of warm and inviting public spaces with functional tools such as sun traps, community fire pits, heat lamps, heated walkways, and sheltered passages in addition to more aesthetically pleasing tactics using warm colors and hues in public spaces that enhance the perception of comfort and thus elevates overall public mood. Winter Economy seeks to increase the capacity and sustainability of the city’s winter festivals, develop a year round patio culture, and to make Edmonton a world leader in innovative winter based industry by boosting entrepreneurial efforts focused on winter products and services. Finally, Winter Story builds upon the concept by promoting it to the world in an effort to attract not just tourists, but new residents.

Jay Love, prominent Edmonton Realtor from Edmonton Properties, sees this most recent initiative as the final piece of the puzzle being put in place to make Edmonton one of the most livable and well rounded cities in North America and will help create the ultimate “four seasons” culture. Jay Love comments “As an Edmonton Realtor with prospective clients from all over the world, I find myself fielding questions about the weather on a regular basis. The winters in Edmonton should be an incentive, not a deterrent, to those considering making their home here. Finally the city is doing something tangible to make this fact more clear.”

Jay Love and his Edmonton Real Estate team serve as impromptu liaisons to the city of Edmonton and in the eyes of clients that solicit their services when seeking an Edmonton home they can be considered an important part of this image transition. It goes without saying that all businesses are excited about The City of Edmonton’s commitment to promoting a World Class Winter City.

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