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Edmonton Properties is the website of Edmonton Realtors Jay Love and Shari Love. It is intended as a starting point in your search for Edmonton Real Estate or simply your next home. Complementing each other’s skills and knowledge for Real Estate, Jay and Shari make up the perfect team combining small town personality with big city experience.

Jay was born and raised in Northern Alberta and embodies the values of Edmonton and Rural Alberta while Shari has lived in Edmonton for 30 years and is an expert on the city’s history and culture.

Brother & Sister Real Estate Team

Twice the understanding, twice the negotiating and twice the amount of service you expected. Whether you’re buying or selling a home it’s always better to have more support on your side. Jay and Shari Love understand that people have commitments and sometimes we have to be ready for the unexpected.

When you deal with a team you get the level of service you deserve because they are committed to exceeding your expectations. The team has extensive experience in Edmonton Real Estate and in the surrounding area.

Unparalleled Selling and Negotiating Skills

Stony Plain Real Estate, Edmonton Realtors, Jay LoveJay and Shari Love are not only great real estate agents but they also possess excellent marketing abilities, strong negotiating, and are very knowledgeable in their regions.

They have 26 years combined experience and are very easy to talk to because they avoid using jargon or going over your heard explaining the industry. They believe in modesty, integrity and that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Big City Experience with Small Town Values

Stony Plain Real Estate | Spruce Grove Real Estate | Shari LoveWhen you work with Jay Love and Shari Love you can expect to receive unprecedented knowledge of local communities, history, culture and lifestyle.

Jay and Shari Love have worked in the Edmonton area for 13 years and have done extensive work and research in all communities and neighborhoods. Edmonton Real Estate offers some of Alberta’s most ideal homes and Jay and Shari Love want to see you there!

Please give us a call to arrange a convenient time to discuss your interest in listing or purchasing a home in Edmonton or in the surrounding area. For additional support services Jay and Shari can refer you to a long-established list of professionals to smoothly handle financing, inspection, insurance and contract work.

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